DIY Circle Skirt Tutorial + Birthday Celebration

Yesterday I celebrated 28 years of life, YAY!!!  This year I wanted to keep it simple and do a date with just my hubby, so we celebrated with dinner at Luck 32 and a photo session afterwards! Their outdoor dinning is so serene and naturally decorated with greenery that I had to take advantage  and get pictures of my circle skirt I put together.

I have tried the circle skirt fiasco so many times and failed miserably! The very first time I attempted the skirt, it looked like something that could have fit a toddler, smh.  I used the daunting Pie formula, which should have been a clear sign from the beginning because I hate math!! After research I found a much easier way on, Annika Victoria's Youtube page, to create the look I wanted and I'm very happy with the results!

This skirt is perfect for any season.  You can throw on a pair of tights with booties and a blazer in the colder months, or pumps and a nice top for the warmer months.  This skirt will easily become my go to, easy DIY to pull together and rock!

2 Yards of fabric
Coordinating Thread
Sewing Machine
1 Gold Tooth Zipper
Measuring tape
Chalk Pen
 photo signature_zps636c081b.jpg

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