DIY Messenger Bag

I can offically start blogging!!! Yay! I'm so excited and can't wait to share my journey of sewing. Typically I DIY clothing, but I saw this really cute messenger bag tutorial on Crazy Little Projects blog that I wanted to try.  I've been in need of a good work bag (since I usually don't carry a purse during the week) that I can throw all of my items into, so this bag sparked my interest. This is perfect for anyone in need of a spacious bag to toss items into that is cute to wear, especially moms. The instructions were very easy to follow for a beginner and time wise, it took about an hour and half (including cutting and pinning).  I included a pocket on the inside of my bag to place my phone and other small items I may be needing throughout the day. 
 I can't wait to make more...I'm thinking a leather one next.