DIY Self Drafted Wide Leg Pants

 Happy holidays!!! With Christmas just a few days away, I thought I would leave you guys with a special DIY gift.  Today's post is a pair of wide leg pants that I started right before I moved to Texas.  I finally had a chance to finish and wear them out.  I took great pictures, but the wind was not working with me, so I could not get photos of the pants like I wanted to.  These pants are super comfy, so I'm sure I will wear them again, possibly in the spring. I will also make another printed pair soon!


DIY McCall's M6844 Inspired Floral Blazer

Happy Monday!!! So, I have a confession to make...I am obsessed with sewing.  I literally spent my entire weekend sewing and planning my DIYs for the next couple of weeks.  I have so many ideas and I can't wait to share them.