DIY Cropped Pants

Have you ever walked out of a store with items you had no intention on buying?  My hand is literally raised in the air because I do it all the time.  Every time I go into Joann's Fabric I always try to go directly for the items I need, but somehow I end up slowly walking through each fabric isle pretending like I'm just looking when I'm really checking out what's new to buy and make.
That was definitely the case with this floral fabric.  I was supposed to be buying the fabric and materials need for my linen suit, but I felt an urge to walk the other isles just to see if I was missing anything.
The water color floral print really stood out to me and I knew I really wanted it, but I also wanted to stick to my guns and buy just the linen material, so I left it behind and checked out with the other material and notions.  Needless to say, I went right back and purchased it anyway, lol.
The inspiration behind these cropped pants actually came from the high waisted, wide leg pants (Mimi G's simplicity 1283) I made with the linen suit.  I can't say enough about how much I love the fit of those pants.

Coordinating thread
Fabric marker

I used that same pattern and followed the instructions but added a  little twist.  

1. After cutting the pattern pieces and sewing the pants exactly as the instructions state, measure from your waist to your desired length (plus an additional inch for hemming).

2. Take that length measurement and make a marking on both pant legs.  Draw a line straight across to assist with cutting a straight line.  Cut.

3. Try on your pants to be sure that you like the fit.

4. Next, grab your yardstick and starting from the knee area, where the flair starts (it's kind of hard to explain, but you should be able to see this in your pants) draw a straight line all the way down. Do this on both pant legs, on both sides then cut. 

5. Sew down both legs starting an inch from where you cut on the seam line.

6. Try on to ensure the fit is just the way you want.  Hem your pants and continue with attaching the waistband as the pattern instructs.
7.  Measuring on the fold, measure down 6" then draw a straight line across your leftover fabric, cut.  Fold in half so that right sides are facing each other and you have a tube.  Pin then sew leaving an opening for you to turn your waistband right side out.  Sew the opening closed by using a topstitch.  
All Done!

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