DIY Denim Top with B6182 Pattern

So, I've been longing for a nice denim top/dress to make.  I had one from The Gap, but it was lost during our transition to TX last summer.  I came across this pattern on McCall Pattern's Instagram page and immediately knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

I made a couple of changes to my top.  If you compare the pattern picture to my top you will notice that I added pockets and a denim zipper.  The pockets actually come with the pattern, but are used for the skirt that also come with the pattern.  The zipper was something that I added myself to make the back of the top pop just a little.  Once the top was completed, I laid the denim zipper on top of the seam and sewed around the zipper.  Once that was completed I unzipped my zipper and cut a slit in my fabric behind the zipper.  I choose not to cut all of the fabric out because I wanted to keep the zipper from irritating my skin.

Pattern Details:

This was my first time sewing with a Burda pattern. I was a little nervous to try a new pattern because working with patterns in general can be a little intimidating.  Sometimes they are confusing and hard to read for someone that is new to working with patterns.  That was not the case at all with this top.  The directions were clear and easy to read and the pictures looked exactly like the pieces and were easy to follow.   Honestly,this top was so easy to make and there were a few pieces to cut out (which is another plus).  Typically cutting is the most daunting part of the sewing process for me, especially when there are a gazillion pieces.
I cut the smallest size, which was a perfect fit for me.  I did not have to make any adjustments to any of the pieces or the finished product.  

Overall, this pattern took me about an hour and a half to cut and sew, which is great timing.  I definitely recommend using this pattern if you are looking for a simple, but cute top/dress to add to your comfy wardrobe.  I will be making the dress version soon, so be on the lookout. 

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