Steps to Making a Memorable Christmas Card

Christmas is our most favorite holiday of the year.  Our Christmas tree has been up since October (don't judge me, lol).  We go all out including with our holiday photos.  This year Derrick and I decided to capture our own picture to add some creativity and fun to it.
Christmas pajamas are becoming a cute trend for family holiday pictures, so we decided to get on the bandwagon and try it out.  We found these cute onesies made by Gifts from the Girls on Etsy.  All that was left to make this our picture perfect were a few decorations, my handy Nikon and a cute and festive card template.  

Steps to Making a Memorable Christmas Card:

  1. Come up with a theme and cute poses: Derrick came up with the pajama idea, so I immediately went online to start looking for jammies that were not only cute and festive, but also masculine. I saw plenty of cute ones that I loved, but Derrick was not in to wearing anything that was girly or looked tight, lol.
  2. Research card templates:  There are so many to choose from now that you really don't have to look too hard. You could even download Apps right from your phone and design your cards.  My favorites are Shutterfly and of course Tiny Prints .  They offer a wide variety of stationary needs that are cute and affordable.
  3. Take out your camera and snap away:  I invested in a wireless camera so that taking family photos would be easy.  I was able to use the Nikon App and snap our pictures using my iPhone.  If your camera is compatible with a wireless adapter, it's worth the investment.  I believe I paid around $60 dollars for mine.  Ok, I digress...I say all of that to say, having  the wireless adapter made it so easy to get the perfect poses for our photos.
  4. Edit away:  I used PhotoShop to brighten the colors and blur our background.  Photoshop seems a little daunting at first, but there are so many helpful tutorials that can make conquering the program seem like a breeze.  To help with blurring my background, I used Learn with Sam's video on YouTube.
  5. Send out to your friends and loved ones: Once you are satisfied with your cards, send them out to friends and family to bask over your hard work!
Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

Pillows: PeaceFurry ~ Card Template Onesies

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